Most Millennials desire Indoor Air Quality info

Survey Reveals Occupant IAQ Preferences

Touchpoint disinfection is a priority for many facilities as occupants and employees are being welcomed back on a more frequent basis, but overlooking indoor air quality (IAQ) can lead to just as many setbacks as failing to wipe down hotspots for germs. To get a clearer idea of how important it is to ensure clean air in a facility, Carbon Lighthouse released a study surveying 1,000 millennials and their sentiments/priorities when it comes to returning to facilities, and the economic impacts of having poor air quality.

Among the many interesting findings, a few takeaways include:

• 82 percent of millennials reported feeling safer about returning to the office if real-time information was available on IAQ, accessible via computer or smartphone. 78 percent of those same respondents felt the same way about returning to hotels with real-time IAQ info.

• Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) already utilize air purifiers, devices or smartphone apps to improve IAQ in their own homes.

• Annual certifications verifying high IAQ for facilities would make 27 percent of millennials feel safer about returning to facilities

• 88 percent of millennials expressed willingness to download and use a real-time IAQ data app for a particular facility

• 75 percent will consider IAQ when if they decide to return to the office

A link to the whole survey is available here. For a recent study about businesses struggle to improve IAQ in their facilities, click here.

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