Air Sensors: PB2100

Understand the air around you..

Our customized sensor suite gives you detailed readings for all of the most important air quality measurements.  Notifications are sent out whenever one of the measurements is out of a safe range.  An overall air quality score is displayed, reflecting a total measurement of the full range of elements in the air around you

Understand the air around you


A comfortable temperature range is a key factor in a healthy indoor environment.


Humidity levels can affect people in a wide range of ways. Our sensors tell you if the humidity is too high or too low.

Accurate & fast detection

Adopts high precision chips, 1 second updates and instant response after starting up

Portable CO2 Detector

Portable detector, palm-sized, easy to carry, can detect gas quality in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, school, hotel, campground and other environments

Durable Battery

The built-in 3000 mAh battery can provide up to 3-5 hours of use when fully charged. Also provides real-time power through the included USB charging cable

Simple Operation & Customer Service

You can open/close and switch screen information with one-key operation, and a detailed instruction manual is attached

Tech Specs